WordPress blogging

7 Sep

haha I’ve become quite obsessed with blogging on WordPress!!! its just so much more amazing than tumblr because you can actually write your own thoughts and inspirational stuff instead of reblogging other peoples. and you can think about it and actually personalize quotes and thoughts and pictures, whereas if you reblog someone else’s  pic, your words will just get lost in the endless sea of reblogs. plus, i dont want to see my beautiful blog that’s supposed to be all about me, my thoughts, the stuff i like, and my life be cluttered with useless random junk, pictures, funny GIFs, etc.

So if you would excuse me for clogging up your dashboard, (if i even have any followers, which i probably dont. lol.) i will probably be in this obsessed blogging phase for a white…..so i’ll probably continue to show up on your dashboard 10 times a day hhahahahah 😛



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