Things I love:

8 Sep

Golden sand melting beneath my toes

Smell of leaves after rain

Roses collecting dewdrops

Butterflies in the meadow kissing my nose

Candi licking my fingers and running my hand through her fur

Splash of cool, clear, clean water on my face

Freezing adrenaline rush of water on your skin during a cannonball

Sticking my head into the refrigerator on a hot summer day

Ice cubes melting on my tongue and sticking on the sides of my mouth

Buying a ton of new school supplies

Smell of new clothes

Fragrance of flowers that fill the room

Running my hair through soft, sleek hair

Big bear hugs and clingy koala hugs

Rush of air and discarding of heart during a fast rollercoaster

Being able to scream loudly

Smooth, silky, hairless skin

Choir and epic battle music

Piano sonatas and etudes

Romantic books that make your heart beat faster

Butterflies in your stomach

Colorful Koi in clear water

Shooting stars and meteor showers

Making wishes

Sleeping soundly on a soft bed and pillow

Fluffy cool pillows



Elegant hairstyles

Smiles from strangers and people who haven’t talked to you for very long or a long time


Gift-shopping and giving

Christmas stories and carols


Supernatural or mythical or legendary creatures

Strong climbing trees

Birds singing good morning

Smell of chocolate chip cookies being baked

Sucking on small pieces of chocolate

Watching waves

Watching the sunset at the beach

Clouds with silver lining


Listening to the rain falling on my windowsill

Golden honey that looks like melted sunshine

Syrup on my pancakes that remind me of ambrosia

Peace and calm

Diamonds and pearls and saphires

Magic and the supernatural

Beautiful art

Laying on the beach in the sun



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