going to SHOW LUO’S ENC World Tour Concert!!!!!!!!!! OMGG <3

10 Sep

SOOO EXCITED!!! oh my god. its tomorrow. 9/11. and i bought tickets TODAY. LOL. i got $68 tickets, most of them were sold out, but the seat i got wasnt toooooo bad. omggg im so glad im going though! i cant believe my parents let me go!!!!!! AHHHHH

now, how to make tomorrow work? that is the question. 1) Church @ 10am-12pm or 12:20-ish. 2) Watch LOTR: The Two Towers with my friends (OMG IM SO EXCITED!!!) 3) Go to Show’s Concert early to exchange my e-ticket for an actual ticket. Get there like 40min to 1hr early 🙂 (takes 30 min to get there). 4) SHOW LUO’S CONCERT @ 7:00-10ish!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!

that means i have to finish ALL my homework TODAY. time to get started and not get distracted by anything.

Bye bye, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, and Youtube.

Good bye, my dear Laptop.



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