My Series of Incredibly Painful and Unfortunate Events.

15 Sep

God must be up there laughing at me or punishing me because I did something crazy wrong cuz he’s just piling up misfortune and pain after one another. or some soul up there is haunting me now. (Does anyone remember if I killed some people or back-stabbed anyone?)

So. If you read my blog, you know that I went to a concert, was stupid and didn’t bring a jacket, and it was FREEZING inside the auditorium. So I got a fever.I didn’t tell my parents I was sick, and ended up going to school. (I felt like fainting the entire day, but other than that, I was ok.) Then my parents found out and made me stay home the next day. I was incredibly sore. And even though I stayed home to rest, I had a ton of hw and i was doing it the entire day. I was also hella tired because I can’t fall asleep with a fever (coughing the entire night, runny nose, mucus, coughing too hard=mucus comes out and you have to get up and spit it out, sniffling, choking on mucus, sneezing, congestion, can’t fall asleep because you’re listening to yourself WHEEZING, headache, burning skin/arms/legs/face, hot pillow, either too hot or super freezing, and the list goes on…) so i woke up literally four times each hour. so it was like i didnt sleep at all. >.<

Then TODAY I went to school. First thing when I wake up: HEADACHE. incredible headache, and stomachache.

My Series of Unfortunate Events:

1) My throat feels worse than before.

2) Head hurts like crazy. First thing I did when I woke up was to equalize the pressure and pain by banging my head into the wall several times. Which probably

3) BRONCHITIS. I still have bronchitis, meaning my LUNGS are still full of disgusting mucus

4) My Period came. Seriously, my OVARIES JUST HAD TO START FREAKING BLEEDING AT THIS TIME?! I always get INCREDIBLY PAINFUL menstrual cramps. like those ones where you can’t even move or breathe and you just want to die and kill yourself over and over again.

5) OASDLKJASFKLJ MENSTRUAL CRAMPS!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHADKFJASFJK I WANT TO DIE RIGHT NOW KILL ME NOW PLEASE! I FEEL LIKE A PREGNANT WOMAN GOING INTO LABOR! or someone just exploded a mini atomic bomb inside of me in slow motion for me to feel all the pain slowly.

6) I didn’t finish my math test. AND I didn’t get to do the extra credit problem. and i probably got a lot of stuff wrong cuz i didn’t get to check my work/answers.

7) I can’t run in P.E. without feeling like I’m dying.

8) I suck at volleyball.

9) I have a SHITLOAD of homework to do and make up, that I don’t even know wtf they are.

10) I have projects to do, (A TON) and idk what to do now.

11) I am procrastinating on WordPress right now, but even once I get off, it’ll be a bigger waste of time because I don’t even know what the heck im doing in my hw.

12) I have about 15-20 homework assignments that are practically due tomorrow (or worse, ARE DUE TOMORROW).

13) Biology quiz tomorrow, and the day we took notes, I was ABSENT. AND IM SO CONFUSED AND FREAKED OUT ABOUT THE QUIZ TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHALDFJAKLFJASKLJ

14) French poem FINAL DRAFT DUE tomorrow! wtffff idk what I need to edit. there’s a ton of stuff about it that i need to ask her!

15) We’re writing an essay in English about stuff we talked about in class and analyzed on something i didn’t even read or talk about (i was gone) and idk what to write and im probably screwed.

16) I have to miss badminton class, and Idk if my coach got the email, even though i sent one on monday and tuesday, cuz she didn’t respond.

17) My church members are depending on me to draw a flyer advertising the play we’re doing. IDK WHAT TO DRAW im so confused. and I’m SOO busy.

18) I haven’t found pieces for my main event, DI (Dramatic Interpretation)!!! AHH and league 1 is in like the beginning of november! and i have to change pieces for DUO. and i havent thought about what im writing for OPP. like, at all.

19) I feel like I’m suffocating and dying.


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