lots of homework, but i started reading again.

22 Sep

it really helps with stress relief and stuff, and its mind-clearing. I love it. And even though i still have a ton of homework in my stack of annoying busy work and crazy amount of tests to study for, I realized that studying like crazy until 2am for weeks is not going to help for the test at all, because living braindead zombies like me can’t think fast enough for the test/quiz to make it worthwhile studying for it. the best thing is to study, get it all down, rest, take a break, do something else, and don’t stress.

So even though i have about 3-5 tests/quizzes tomorrow or Friday and some hw/projects left, i’m reading cuz its essential to take my mind off of things. even though my eyes hurt like crazy, its better than studying like crazy at 2am or going on the internet.

Plus the book I’m reading is very interesting. It’s not my normal little kiddy fantasy or super fast and sometimes mindless-read thrillers or mysteries, it’s a book that studies human character and habits. i LOVE it. its soo interesting hahahaha. (it sounds so boring but its soooo awesome lol) I’m reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Hopefully I’ll become a better, more effective person, too. ahhahhahhaahaha

Idk. its interesting to me because I want to be a doctor and I love that kind of stuff: psychology, neurology, biology, sociology, science, etc.

I totally agree with the book though that the shift from focusing on character and morals to today’s society that focuses on personality and manipulation (maybe not in a super bad way, but more like: make ppl like you, etc.) is a terrible paradigm shift. There are no lasting successes of life or happiness that is achieved from building yourself up from the outside in.


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