dyed my hair :) its redder now. and darker. AND!!!! MY BRIDESMAID DRESS CAME!! AHHH sooo excited its sooo pretty oh my god. MUCH better than i thought. its sooo cute!! omg it’s gold ;) it’s a BUBBLE DRESS!! AHHH superrrr cute <3

4 Oct

i still need to steam iron the dress though, cuz its super wrinkly and not puffy cuz it was in an airtight shipping bag.

but it’s SOOO pretty! ❤ i might get the light purple/lavender version of it someday 🙂

but since Michelle (the bride ;)) is having her wedding on 11/12, she really wants it to be winter themed, so her normal bridesmaids will be wearing champagne-colored light gold (lighter than my bridesmaid dress) and we, (wendy and i, the junior bridesmaids) are going to be wearing shiny gold bubble dresses :)) <333 its SO ADORABLE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW OMG. im sooo happy hahahhahaa ❤ ITS SO CUTE AHHH I CANT GET OVER IT MY GOD!

;)) i’ll post pics later.


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