Prayer requests/things I want to/need to do:

10 Oct

-Efficiency and Time Management: Focus and Concentration.

-No Procrastination or Getting Side-tracked.

-Ability to Think for Oneself.

-Discipline: for Academics (studying and homework) and Physical (Running and Badminton, Lunges, Stretches, Curl-ups, Sports, Mile)


-Getting Priorities and Following Them.

-Read. every single moment I have the time.


-PAINT something beautiful… ❤


-Running every day :))

-Love people and don’t get mad easily ❤ 🙂 Be Patient, Caring, Sensitive, and Compassionate.

-Patience in doing things 🙂 Hard work and perseverance over a long period of time will definitely always reap good results. :))

-Be more Optimistic. Smile more! 🙂

-Take more pictures.

-Be Consistent in practice and work.

-Work hard, always.

-Don’t waste time.

-Don’t Stress.

-Eat healthier.

-Drink more water, Stay Hydrated.

-SAT practice and studying. Spend free time studying and reading ;))

-Clean up and Organize things :))

-Follow skincare regimen!! ❤

-Memorize vocabulary every day

-Sleep more 🙂

-Drink Milk.



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