my name: tiffany; nickname: tiff.

16 Oct

according to my friends,

Tiffany (n.): (1) one who skewers her eyes with eyeliner, (2) one who trips over mushrooms, (3) crazy random weird hilarious girl.


according to the dictionary:

tiff (n.): (1) a slight or petty quarrel; (2) a slight fit of annoyance, a bad mood or the like; (3) a fit of ill humor, (4) outburst of temper.

tiff (v.): (1) to have a petty quarrel; (2) to be in a tiff.

the question that came to mind was, after reading all of this in amused curiosity, how would i use “tiff” in a sentence?

can I use it as “tiffing?” tiffed?”

I tiffed with my best friend today. It was a tiffing class. She had a tiff after she was rejected by him.

We had a tiff, and she never forgave me until 30 years later.

Only a few months after the wedding, the couple tiffed and divorced.

my friends will agree very much with this definition though:

(archaic) tiff (n.): a small draught of alcoholic drink; dram.

“Tiffany doesn’t need to actually drink or get high/drunk to be so crazy, it’s already in her nature!” they’ll say.


it’s so great to know that my name means an alcoholic beverage and a petty quarrel or bad mood, or someone who needs extreme anger-management.


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