on a french music listening craze…

20 Oct

my French project is to make a French radio station and listen to music and write a biography about the singers/bands and possibly, memorize lyrics/sing.

All the French songs I’ve been shown in class always annoyed me or I hateeddddd them cuz they sounded terrible. I really don’t like Edith Piaf (Je ne Regrette Rien, anyone? haha….it was okay when it was used in Inception, but after listening to it like 30 times throughout the schoolyear, it was a bit much…), or that weird guy who sings Alors On Danse, or MC Solaar (though he was the better of the three…idk, i guess im just not used to hearing raps in french. It sounds so weird and fast and long and spit-y…..I like his lyrics and message and stuff, just not the song… lol)

So I totally had no idea which French singers/bands were good. I asked my friend, who’s obsessed with French…things, and she gave me this list of songs she thought were good. AND NOW I’M SO OBSESSED AHHHH <33333333

my favorite singers are: (please excuse my inability to place accents….XD)

Mercury City (Je Reste a Tes Cotes, Ma Vie Pour la Tienne <33333333333)

Vitaa (POUR QUE TU RESTE <333333, Un Fleur de Toi, Pourquoi Les Hommes, Ma Soeur)

Jena Lee (J’aimerais Tellement)

Gregoire (Toi + Moi) :))


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