let the dead that lies within us be cleared out to make way for our lives

24 Oct

The dead things in our lives, our past, our burdens, they only work to hold us down. We can only truly be free and move on with our lives when we can shed those things that hold us back. Our doubts, insecurities, etc. – we need to give them up. Let go of them, because we are the ones who chooses what stays with us and what we can let go: we choose to move forward or be held back, we allow ourselves to be captive to the past and our burdens. Give it up: let go of it, give it to God, or at least talk it over with someone and move on. The worst type of thing that can hold us back are things we never tell people, because those things are left in our hearts, rotting away and breaking apart our soul and character; secrets, thoughts, and words bottled away.

Once we let go — then and only then can we truly live life to the fullest and become what we are meant to be.


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