The Fight: for Myself

4 Nov

I need to be more assertive. I let so many chances pass by, I don’t get what I want or the chance to speak because I don’t. Or I don’t fight for it. I can blame it on people liking each other better, people being biased, people being self-centered and ignorant of others. But that is in no way an excuse for me not speaking up, not trying, and thus complaining or being mad when i don’t end up with what I want.
I say I like frank people. I’d like to think I’m more frank with people than tolerant and hypocritical, but then I should really start living for myself more, and not for others. Because in the future, the person I’d be stuck with would be myself. Not anyone else. And who wants to look back on their life and be happy they didn’t get all that they wanted or grasped each golden opportunity without regrets or didn’t speak out when they had something to say?


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