6 Nov

Careless whispers of the wind

Carrying secrets, it was better to be ignorant

To live a life full of bliss

Blindness and fantasy

Everything stays beautiful,

Shattered by careless whispers of the wind.

The hollow trees, they forget nothing

In them lies the wisdom of the centuries

They see everything, their lonely mumbles

And grumbles,

Of the futility of the human condition.

Wars and devastation,

Ruin and desolation,

So let us escape into the meadows

Let the smell of the flowers intoxicate us,

Colors of butterflies and falling autumn leaves

Blind us and numb us

Engulf our reality,

Fabricate a mystery

A mystery

Weave our fantasy in silver lining

Where we will spend the remainder of

Happy, ignorant days

Where felicity reigns

Until the careless whispers of the wind

Shatters life once again




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