My life: Cycles of History

7 Nov

Everything I do now is a reflection of absentmindedness, forgetfulness, not listening to or heeding words of wisdom, and repeating the same lame history as if I’m stuck in a cycle of no-future and impending doom…– as if everything is slowly spiraling up to a climax (or more like spiraling down); this void created from stupid mistakes, errors, careless actions, and lies that will soon eat me alive anytime now. All things have got to have a way of slowing or shutting down, and I have a feeling one of these little things, either from the past or something that will happen in the near future that will break me down to my very core. Or maybe that’s too dramatic. That’s not what I meant. I meant something with huge unforeseen consequences, something I’ll regret deeply for a long time. Things like that are just bound to happen to me.


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