when faced with an incredibly stressful, frustrating task (such as a Holland essay),

9 Nov

I realize that I tend to gorge on incredibly large and almost (or more than almost) disgusting amounts of chocolate and Halloween candy.


Oh dear god I’ll wake up tomorrow and be a super ultra obese fatty made of nothing but fat and chocolate. Pray for the health of my body while it is being saturated with ungodly amounts of simple sugars. (Oh, what is bio doing to me)

Pray also in this time of great lack of sleep and brain atrophy and cell deterioration and face-wrinkles production that I will survive until tomorrow and also, (I need a miracle) finish my essay, preferably with information and pages/paragraphs that are not all *bullshark!

(*or insert another word that begins with bull and ends with an animal beginning with “s”. maybe a bullsnake. or bullstork or bullspider or bullseaotter or something.)


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