Michelle & Dave’s wedding!! <3 11/12/11

13 Nov

It was sooo fun! I was a bridesmaid there 🙂

more to write later, but i’ll make this quick because i have hw lol

it was soo amazing. I’m so happy Dave, the Eternal Bachelor got married! ahhhh <333

and michelle is such an amazing girl. she was so chill and totally not a bridezilla. II was more of a bridezilla than she was, and it wasnt even my wedding hahahaha

it was funny because I walked down the aisle first, and some of the visiting college students didn’t know i was going to be a bridesmaid and they were like OMG IS THAT TIFFANY?! hahahhaha

it was really amazing. but my feet hurt xD after standing at the front for like an hour and a half in my heels. xD and my face hurts from smiling so much. and my eyes hurt (i was trying sooo hard to not let my hard contacts pop out >.<)

the reception was at china stix. it was soo awesome and fun!!! ❤ the food was reallyyyy good. (LOBSTER! <33)

Dave and michelle were ridiculously cute ❤ xD

and my bouquet was sooo pretty!! <333 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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