a very interesting point of view on Jesus.

15 Nov

Jesus Was a Socialist:



I agree with this post very much, actually. Everyone believes that the West/America was founded with Christian values, but it was not that at all. I do not believe people can be truly Christian and then go fight wars “in the name of Christ”, against their own brothers. Christianity/Catholicism was the “mainstream” point of view for the country and for the person’s religion. It was normal, it was accepted. Any type of mainstream religion: they never really follow God. They use verses and twist them to their benefit. Hence, all this stuff with gay/lesbian/homosexual, etc people. (I will get back to this in the next paragraph.) Christianity is not even ABOUT benefits! We’re a bloody death cult! Why else would a person walk into a church and see pictures of a torturous killing machine, two stakes of public humiliation with nails 4+ inches long that impale their victim’s arms and legs, while slowly killing them of suffocation, hung all over the walls of churches and on people’s necks as necklaces? Christianity is about humbling oneself. It’s about sucking it up when other people put you down, helping people when they don’t appreciate you, going out of your way to say things to people you don’t know to cheer them up or learn more about them and stuff. But those people who try to use Christianity as a part of their culture, the way they are brought up, or the accepted/traditional way of doing things, while just going through the motions each day and sounding very eloquent or religious or sententious, they aren’t Christian at all. That’s pretty much what the Pharisees were, weren’t they? Self-righteous, extremely educated traditional people who were narrow-minded and enjoyed wealth, respect from the people, et cetera. As Jesus said, the first will be last and the last will be first in heaven. Therefore by those terms, those who use God’s word and benefit from it in this life — those people who pray loudly for everyone to hear, or serve at the church but have terrible personalities at home, or are “one day a week Christians” (or less than that) will not be first. Not in heaven, probably not even on earth. God knows your hearts, it really doesn’t matter what you do: it’s what you think. And if you use Christianity or church/community service as ways to get ahead in life or how to earn the respect or love of your elders/peers and people around you, that’s all just for show. Other people may see your outward appearance/heart as very good and generous and kind-hearted, but God knows your motives.

Now, back to the topic on Conservatives and hating on gay people. YES, I know God wants marriage to be between a man and a woman. YES, that’s how He meant it to be when He made us. (And no, I am not gay, nor do I have any gay friends.) And I do not fully support the idea of legalizing gay marriage (mainly because more and more people will be gay, and also teachers will have to teach it in schools to little children, and I do not want my children to think it is perfectly fine to marry one of their own sex.)

However, how is being GAY worse than anything else in the Bible? How is choosing to love one of one’s own gender any worse than say, telling a lie? Or killing someone? Is it really necessary to drive people to suicide, disown them, or kill people because they are gay? As long as they love each other, nothing else should really matter. In God’s eyes, it really is not about the tradition or the rules, but their hearts. If they truly love each other, is not their relationship better than that of a dysfunctional family or man and wife where one (or both) are hiding affairs or adultery or sexual lust for another in their hearts?!

I just recently went to a wedding, and I heard my church leader and Michelle say their vows toward one another. Although they may not remember their vows toward one another, God will. God will hold them accountable for sticking with one another during tough times when the only thing that can hold them together is their trust in God, that He will pull through for them, and their love and trust in each other, that they will always be together and get through it.

These are things God deems truly important. Not rules, not standards, not doing things just for show. What He values is in our hearts — that’s why he can redeem us. Hint: the Fruits of the Spirit: Peace, joy, LOVE, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, patience, self-control. One may say that he is too soft on us (hem hem, the prophet Jonah) and that he’s unfair to the “good” people who had been trying to earn/work/serve their way into heaven, versus a murderer who repented before he died, but it really isn’t about all the stuff the person does. It’s about their hearts — whether or not they are good people inside, whether or not they truly repent for their sins, whether or not they love and trust in Him and their family/friends. Our idea of “goodness” is incompatible with God’s, which is why all these questions rise up against God/Christianity. “Why did God make evil? Why didn’t God just make us good? Why does God send “good people” to Hell just because they don’t believe in him? Isn’t this unfair?” God gave us free choice — individuality, when he created us. He could have made us robots, dolls that followed his rules and always did “good”. But what would be the point of that? Even his angels have free choice — which is how Satan chose to oppose God and took a third of the angels down with him. God wants us to be like Him, to choose between good and bad. Why would he make us just to make us love him? Of course He wants us to, but there is no beauty, no love, no happiness in MAKING someone love you, they have to fall in love with you themselves.


Another example of all this comes to mind: Mary and Martha. When Jesus was visiting the two sisters, Martha was busily and hurriedly preparing things for a feast (wasn’t it a wedding? I’m sorry, I forgot.) and Mary was ignoring all the important work that was to be done and listening intently at Jesus’ feet. When Martha told Mary to get up and stop being lazy and help her, Jesus told Martha that nothing else was important — God is the most important. Listening to God’s words was more important than preparing for the festival/ceremony.



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