Productivity and Satisfaction.

17 Nov

I’m soo glad I’m done with my Holland essay! I really want to be proactive, productive with my life now. A person’s sense of self-value and satisfaction comes mainly from their ability to do things: to be productive and get the things done, even little things. Like, waking up just half an hour earlier in the morning (daylight savings :)) to get a head start on things and start your day to be productive and organized: cleaning up your room or bathroom, sorting/filing papers and homework, checking and responding to long letters, emails, and writing blog posts. Walking your dog two times  around your neighborhood instead of just once. Picking fruit, reading a good book, going running, maybe doing flower arrangement, looking up and trying out a new recipe, reading the Bible or praying, journal writing, drawing or painting, learning how to play a new song on your favorite instrument. Those little things allow you to truly get yourself away from all your work, and just have some quiet alone time to do something you love, talk to someone special, or get your little things in your life done that aren’t huge, big priorities, like cleaning your room, bathroom, or doing the laundry.

I want to be able to do those things, I want to be able to live and have a life other than school and homework and extracurriculars. I will challenge myself to try something new and keep up reading every day, starting with the Hunger Games.


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