18 Nov

I’m so happy. I read a lot for the first time in forever last night. Like, legitly a lot. (Sorry, my Speech and Debate language is peeking through once again!) For me, at least.







I’m soooo happy hahahha. It’s pretty good, extremely fast-paced and interesting. Now that I’m finally able to read and get mesmerized by books again, I should probably take this opportunity to read as much as possible. And also, to write my story. I have put on hiatus the other fantasy story I’ve been trying to write for the past forever of my life, and change another story I thought about a few years ago. It’s a dystopian fantasy/adventure story. Eh…maybe not fantasy in the way you’d think of it. It’s definitely SciFi though. I might add some “fantasy” elements, but mainly its about scientific progress, censorship, an authoritative government, merciless “entertainment” loving spoiled rich people, and taking people from districts prisoner.

Wow, that sounds like Hunger Games. But this is why I wanted to first write out my entire plot before starting to read the book, so I don’t get influenced or anything. I swear, it’s totally different, and I wrote it before even reading or knowing anything about the Hunger Games hahha.

I’m pretty sure my backstory is more intricate than a lot of other dystopian novels or the Hunger Games. ( 🙂 I like my plot better, actually. xD)


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