22 Nov

I am so annoyed at people who quote other people or their songs on a regular basis — it’s one thing if you’re funny or witty with that quote, and it’s another if you’re using it as a philosophy/life quote, using it to make yourself sound more smart, thoughtful, whatever. It always pisses me off. The people who just constantly post song lyrics as if they’re the most intelligent, enlightening thing they’ve ever heard about life or love. And usually it’s those cliches. They’re ALL cliches. Seriously, instead of posting cliches that no one can possibly follow for their own life or put to use, and instead of trying to get people’s attention or sound smart by posting words about life/love/happiness that aren’t ever your own, why don’t you trying thinking for once? They feel so proud of themselves after posting it too, as if they’re found the true meaning of life. Seriously? Has anyone actually put  those things you’ve said to practice? Do you do that in your life? Can you stop telling other people things they’ve already probably heard a million times, but can’t actually put it to use in their own life? It’s just all useless brain candy, useless sugar-coated pretty words and crap, with absolutely no depth or thought behind it. These words are what make you so shallow — because you believe in them, and you try to live your life that way on the outside; you try to live life just as shallow as your shallow cliche words. You think those will solve everything. How comical, how naive. Makes me wonder if you’ve ever done anything in your life that was of more depth than those pretty little mainstream cliches and must-be/must-do/must-feel’s of the teenage world.


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