wow, my life has been kind of very sucky during the last few days.

29 Nov

I’m not totally dying though — it could be worse (then again, if I didn’t sign up for that one thing this would never have happened -_-), so I’m not like totally complaining. It’s true that some things aren’t fair at all, but it was true that I did make mistakes and didn’t work as much as I should have. Things will never always be fair in life, and even if you work hard, if you don’t show results people will still not care about you or treat you like you haven’t tried at all. -_-

eh, well, I know I won’t be dropped, hopefully, and that’s all that matters.

An update about Thanksgiving break: (b/c I remembered that I didn’t blog the entire time over break) Turkey Day was very un-Turkey-ful, parce que I didn’t eat any ๐Ÿ™‚ I had hot pot with my mom, aunt, and uncle at their house. ’twas fun. On Wednesday, I went to my friend EriPanguin’s house for a sleepover! ๐Ÿ˜€ Elle est cool beans. (Pardonne-moi pour ma Franglish. :)) We watched I am Number Four and had an awesome potluck. I brought (obviously, the best dish of them all. all the other dishes are lesser-dishes :D) pineapple fried rice with sausage!! โค soooo good. haha thank you mommy! โค After fangirling over the romantic cuteness of the guy and girl in the movie, I went to sleep. And then woke up with a twisted spine and a pulled neck muscle/crick in my neck. which took forever to get rid of. omfg. then I went out for lunch (this is turkey day, again) with my aunt, uncle, and mom. All my other relatives are in Taiwan or L.A., none of them could make it back. So it was just us four. And our two dogs (my aunt’s doggy, Mickey, and my cutieful doggy, Candi!) they’re both Malteses. ๐Ÿ™‚ We went to this amazing Chinese restaurant. I NEVER like Chinese restaurants cuz they’re too oily or salty >.< but this one was reallyyyy good. First Chinese restaurant I’ve actually liked. After that was the dinner, obviously, and then BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING and research online. We had planned on watching a movie and playing mahjong (which I love and have always been playing for my entire life, even though, sadly, I totally suck) but I had to look up things to buy online before they were sold out (all those annoying sneaky people buying things before black friday D:<<). But then the next day I overslept and woke up at 7:30am. So I bought everything online and then at 10am I went to the mall with my mom ๐Ÿ™‚ We got a TON of stuff — the most I’ve ever bought in my life hahaha. I got at least 10 articles of clothing :O and a flat iron and a digital camera online. I got a lot of sweaters and coats and jackets.

I had planned on making up for my lack of sleep and being all awesome by the end of the break and totally un-sleep-deprived, but that did not work at all. I’m still super tired and I didn’t go to sleep that much longer than I usually do.

I have resolved, however, that I will study my butt off during these two weeks before finals, and that I will put lotion on every other day at least, that I will keep up my absolutely perfect skincare regimen, review a chapter a day of both biology, math, and social studies, and read ahead in the social studies and biology textbooks and Fahrenheit 451 whenever I get the chance.

However, I am suffering from post-Hunger Games reading syndrome, and am craving for the next book, Catching Fire. Als0, I haven’t been able to read any good shoujo mangas for the last few months, so I’m also suffering from my ravenous craving for cute-romantic-lovey-dovey-moments syndrome, so I keep on imagining how cute movie, drama, book, or manga couples will be together and cute romantic scenarios. -_-

Especially after I watched the movie I am Number Four — THE ROMANCE IN THAT WAS SOOO CUTE AND THE GIRL WAS SOOO PRETTY AND AWESOME AND THE GUY WAS PRETTY GOODLOOKING (not at first, but he grew on me ๐Ÿ™‚ cuz they look good together <3) and he’s soo badass. And that other girl, Number 6 was soooo amazing. (Haha, wow, I totally KNEW I would end up ranting about the romance in that movie on my blog…)

So I guess, all in all, my life is pretty chill for everything except for speech and debate, and even then it’s still kinda chill. and sucky. at the same time. haha


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