4 Dec

Once in a while, I get those dreams that are so beautiful and realistic, and I just wish someone in those dreams would take me away from here. The people are just so real… touchable, tangible, full of life, emotions, expression, and complicated backstories and pasts that shape who they are and what they say and do. They’re NOT all perfect in every way — when I see someone like them I know that they’re just as human, if not much more, than the rest of us.
They are people I have a connection to, and I am subconsciously drawn to them. They are mysterious, yet I understand most of them and it’s like we’ve known each other for eternity. I don’t even remember if those dreams were lucid dreaming… but every time I meet someone who I believe is deeper than life itself, I hope from all of my heart that if I go to sleep I will be able to see them again. Dreams make my life seem so frivolous and always put things into perspective for me. All these fabricated emotions or drama or anger/hatred I make up in my life, THOSE are the dreams. “My” life is also a dream — how long do you think it will last, how much do “I” matter in the grand scheme of things? How long before I must give up this futile fight against enemies unseen, against maybe enemies who never even existed? How long will “I” remain a possession of myself, or how long can I keep believing that?
Those people in my dreams — over and over again they surprise me with subtle words of wisdom. And I almost wish reality was just like that, that people around me will be real “people”, and stop making themselves god. Once upon a long, long time, I’m sure people were like the people in our dreams. But they’ve changed, they’ve lost themselves, their identity, and yet they still hope that their borrowed selves will last forever. Dream people: they are uniquely themselves; more real to me than anything, even myself. It’s like they’re the ones who shoukd be living, breathing, because they deserve it. Whereas we squander our lives constantly… They draw me to them like they’re MEANT to be in my life, or in the world. One tiny dream makes me feel as though I’ve known them for a lifetime — connections, relationships (strong ones!!) are formed that run deeper than any bond I have or could ever dream of in my whole life. Maybe I can’t even see their faces, or know their names, but they’re realer to me than anyone I know. Also, dreams are never idealistic or set in a perfect fairytale world. They add mystery and excitement, yet they’re realer than life.

(I feel like people may think that I’m talking about God and religion or whatnot, but I’m not talking about anything like that. It’s clear in my mind, but difficult to explain. Sorry if you don’t understand what I’m talking about, >.<)


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