6 Dec

I just don’t know how you can say that. It’s almost a sin of how much your ignorance toward people’s thoughts, feelings, goals, motives, and the context of their words are and mean. I don’t understand how you can not understand! I was shocked because I thought you knew me, but I guess you really don’t. That’s why I was so mad today. Please, goddamnit, don’t act as if you don’t know what I’m talking about, or that I’m being strange, unreasonable, or overreacting. It’s just ridiculous! I’m talking about it now because this isn’t the first time. There were small things that ticked people off that just piled up, but this is one thing. one thing that finally tips the edge of tolerance.

Please, get to know your friends better.

Ignorance might as well be a sin. Especially ignorance of people’s hearts. People around you. Your FRIENDS’ hearts and emotions and feelings. If a friend is talking to you about something that’s bothering her or someone or something that she is having problems with, you don’t join the other side, just because you’re being “ignorant” or playing “innocent” or “naive”. Especially if you know your  friend was right.

You ever have that feeling of being betrayed? Even if it was a little thing. If you trusted someone, and you confide in them, and they say something wrong, immediately — trust is broken. IMMEDIATELY. “oh…ha..ha…oops, you know what, um…nevermind. It’s okay. It really doesn’t matter. I’ll be okay.” You know that line? When you confide in the wrong person, or you thought you could trust them of all people, and then you realize you really can’t trust anyone? That sucks. Or you confide in the wrong person, and they weren’t who you thought they were. Things like these are NEVER overreactions. They’re the bitter, sad truth. If your friend still doesn’t know what they did wrong, it’s okay. They WERE really just ignorant from the start. Maybe leave them alone for a while and then you guys can talk later, and let them work their way back into your friendship trust circle from Zero. Or maybe just distance yourself forever and stay shallow friends. That person obviously sure won’t know the difference, so it doesn’t matter.


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