more on dreams

6 Dec

I felt like I needed to add more to that previous post… I didn’t explain what I wanted to clearly, I guess. Dreams…people in my dreams are people I can relate to. They are dreams that don’t have a main character, so everyone is treated rather equally. Even me, the dreamer. It’s almost as if I fell asleep during the same time someone else did, and we both got put into a room where we are characters in a dream, but we each see the same dream and the same people, just from different perspectives (in our own point of view). But I can tell I’m not the main character of my dream. All the people in the dream are exactly what they are: People. Nothing more, nothing less. Dreams take place in an important part of the people’s lives, it may seem dramatic but that’s how they are, and it’s just as dramatic as real life is, and yet realer than life. The people in there are people I can connect with, people I perhaps want to be. Not idealistically, or materialistically, or with envy or jealously, but people I know who struggle and overcome difficulties.
They’re really very interesting, actually. They are people I would want in my life, people who I believe would make me a better person. They’re people who KNOW things. Things about life, things about fear, humanity, et cetera.



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