water fasting

7 Dec

I really want to try it, along with permanent CR (Calorie Restriction). Not to lose weight, but for healthiness and detox and cleansing. There have been NO known bad effects water fasting or calorie restriction, when not done over the top or excess. It’s not starving oneself, it’s a dietary regimen that cleanses and renews. I would really like to try it. Also, trying to convince my mom to help me keep a vegan diet every other day or half of the week. I know it’s very important to have egg and protein, though. I just feel like I’m taking in too much extra fat and oils and carbs and meat that I really don’t need. Sometimes I feel like I’m just eating because it’s the TIME to eat, not because I actually feel hungry or the need to eat. It’s not even like I have to feel my stomach start hurting or grumbling, it’s more like I am still full from the previous meal because I ate a lot, and now I’m going to eat ANOTHER big meal to pile on top of that and I’ll feel even more uncomfortable, bloated, and full? Plus I didn’t even finish digesting the previous food and now I’m eating more? It’s worse for me because my stomach and intestines are like SUPERRR slow at working. My stomach is constantly uncomfortable and bloated, and it wouldn’t happen if I could just wait a bit longer in my meals and limit my rice and carbohydrate intake and eat more vegetables. I should also note that I’m NOT picky and I’m NOT against eating vegetables or drinking water. I LOVE veggies and water. I just finally want to eat when I feel is a right time. I’m not going to starve, I’m not trying to lose weight. It’s just my way of trying to be healthy and FEELING good doing it. My body feels better when I’m not eating or as regularly as much as I do now. Maybe this isn’t good, but I know if I just don’t eat as much, I’ll feel better, and I wouldn’t really even be cutting on much.



Oh, and of course I know fasting and CR are NOT replacements of exercise. I wouldn’t do them to lose weight or fat or anything like that, its just to be healthier and feel healthier.


One Response to “water fasting”

  1. eri December 9, 2011 at 8:01 am #

    what’s water fasting and cr?

    i think the reason it’s time to eat when it’s time to eat is because that’s the how often you need food in your body to keep it healthy.

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