nerves. tournament. tomorrow.

10 Dec

oh my god.

oh my god.

oh my god.

I’m so scared because I haven’t been able to do my piece even once without stuttering several times like crazy and mess up or stop or pause or start laughing or a combination of all of those. AHHH soo scared. SCU tomorrow. in Duo interpretation. I hope to god I’m not in the same room as my duo chairs or people who are really good. I’ll totally mess up in front of them. Seriously, we’ve been practicing more than other a lot of people but we are still choppy. ahhh mainly its totally my fault though. because I can’t stop getting distracted by mess ups.

Seriously, I’m just praying that I don’t get incredibly nervous and forget all my lines, and then get embarrassed and say something weird or just stop and break character. and I hope I don’t mess up on blocking and quick parts. oh my god, so nervous.


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