11 Dec

eh. tournament was ok. could have been worse. but we for sure did the worst out of everyone. I kept on messing up and stuttering, especially in the last round lol >.< hahah so bad. i felt so sorry for the people who had to watch us. omg, ahahha. surprisingly, all of the duos were DI duos! some of them started out funny and became sad. they were all really good. omg. i really want to do a DI duo. my duo is soo boring and not funny. omg. and theres no meaning or moral behind it at all hahaha >.<

how painful. oh well, wasnt too bad. we survived.

we also sang songs in Benson Center for like 3 or 4 hours LOL. seriously. we sang EVERY SINGLE popular song in the past 4 years, every Christmas song that ever existed, all the Disney songs and pop song parodies. lol. and we played spoons and uno 🙂 ❤ soo much fun hahhaha. and i got absolutely no studying for finals done. xD

well. good luck to me now. study for finals + huge english project involving analysis and art + READING LOG + in class essay + BIO STUDYING + reading the entire social studies textbook + crepe making with allison + studying for two bio finals + studying french word/grammar rules + studying math + reading fahrenheit 451 + annotating + studying book and analysis AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i just

want to die.


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