’twas the night before finals…

15 Dec

‘Twas the night before finals,

and all through the house

not a student was sleeping,

not even a mouse.

All the books were laid out

upon their messy desks

In hopes that they get A’s on this

One horrible test.

The sleep-deprived students

could no longer think

Though their brains were crammed with knowledge

They did not sleep a wink.

Candy wrappers and empty cups

Of coffee and Monster and tea

Would give them extra fuel

For a last minute cramming spree.

They looked over their notes

for the millionth time

While paranoia and anxiety

Rose to the prime

For their turgid brains

could no longer take

Freaking out about grades and exams

But there’s too much at stake.

Attempting to beat their brains into submission

they chant and inculcate formulas and rules

Hoping for no careless errors

While taking finals in their schools.

They review dates and number

Hoping to not mess up

Precariously, they look at their

Grades dancing upon picket fences,

Answering practice problems solely based on

muddied intuition and skeptical sixth senses.

In their dark and cold rooms

the students were pacing

Dreading all the difficult exams

They would soon be facing.

Giving up studying, they close their eyes

and hope to God that they will do fine,

That the Christmas break will come,

Where they can rehabilitate and recline.

The poor children conclude

That the world is too cruel

With all of their futures

depending on grades earned in school.

They cried “Just screw it!

My god, I don’t care anymore!

About futures, letters, stupid teachers and grades…”

As they crumpled up their class notes and swore.

“On Crib Notes and Spark Notes,

Cliff Notes and BS,

Old essays, exams, Osmosis through books!”

So away went the studying, pressure, and stress…

When the bed and soft pillow,

The evil tempter of sleep

whispered to the children

“Come, child, do not weep,

Your teachers want to kill you

Just close your eyes and do your best

Happy Finals to all,

and to all a good test!


One Response to “’twas the night before finals…”

  1. eri December 17, 2011 at 5:13 am #

    haha. this is funny. 🙂

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