My very “wintery” California wonderland and how I celebrated the coming Apocalypse. (part one)

7 Jan

If you are one of the few amazing superior-beings who read my blog, you will remember that I went Christmas caroling with a couple of my friends before the Noel. It was really fun, there were quite a few Grinches the second time around, but it was a lot of fun singing for people, whether they appreciated you or not. I did not receive very many Christmas gifts, but that’s fine because I received one ginormous amazing largesse from my older brother, the Nook Color! I got it in the mail several days  before Christmas, and against my word of not  opening the package before Christmas morning, I finally gave in and opened it. I had the proclivity to obtain and finish reading the book, “City of Bones” from Cassandra Clare’s epic Mortal Instruments saga (now I’m looking for her other same-world crossover series, the Infernal Devices), but I didn’t want to pay for the eBook, so I spent a long time searching torrents and eBook websites for the novel. And I finally found it, after hours of searching on countless websites and download/sharing sites that make you wait forever. 😀 So, as you probably thought, I spent the rest of the day (and night) reading (many hours past midnight). You can imagine that my sleeping and daytime schedule was permanently screwed up since then, and that I have evolved into a new species of human entirely, that feeds off of electromagnetic radiation from portable electronic devices and spends hours (nocturnally) reading books and watching sad despairing romantic Asian dramas. 🙂 Now, Asian dramas. Yes, yes, I know I said I most certainly would not once again restart my lunatic watching sprees and romance obsession spazzes, and I did not watch a good Asian drama that got me hooked for a long time (ever since Autumn’s Concerto…God, that was an amazing drama), however I must contend that I was not entirely at fault for pulling an all-nighter and watching thirteen whole episodes straight (one episode is at least an hour) of In Time With You. Normally, I would not start an Asian drama unless everyone around me says that it is utterly beautiful and tear-jerkingly amazing, and the only person around me who is more obsessed than me is Wendy. But I don’t trust Wendy to recommend any masterpiece Asian dramas to watch, because she’s so obsessed that she watches everything, even the terrible ones. So I have established her complete incredibility and non-refined or aesthetic view towards dramas. BUT, Becky came back from college and told me to watch it, because she said it was absolutely amazing. Well, then? What’s a curious girl to do?! Watch it, of course! (I am adamant: you absolutely cannot blame me for once again getting obsessed. It was all Becky’s fault! You must believe me in that I was the victim here!) And once I started, the evil directors made the end of each episode (and the previews for the next) soo utterly tempting and cliffhanger-y that I HAD to watch the next one, and so on! So the pain in my dried-out, sleep-deprived, tear-stinging red (almost bloodshot) eyes was TOTALLY not my own fault. Why does no one believe me?! (lol.)

Inching toward the warm and festive Yuletide, on Christmas Eve (the night the Holy Jesus babe and the, excuse me for my blasphemy, even-holier-superior-beings, the twins, and my best friends, Pooja (the Poodle) and Priya (the Pri-Yak) were born) I attended an amazing, fun, and ceremonious candlelight vigil at my church, Canaan Christian. Here: the even greater blasphemy starts! I (the most supremest-being of them all) was supposed to have a solo singing a carol (Hark the Herald Angels Sing,  O Holy Night, or Angels We Have Heard On High), performing the dramatic reading of Mary’s Song (the Magnificat) and a Christmas poem, but I was not included on the list! One can only imagine my shocked and horrified visage when I was told I was not in the program. (Haha, I’m just kidding. I only wanted to sing, and maybe read the poem, but acting out Mary’s Magnificat would have been so embarrassing and hard!) Though the show would have been, obviously, exponentially better if I (a supreme-superior-being) were in it, it was quite amazing and funny. The awesome-est and funniest performance was Sam’s parody performance (using his iPhones autotune app and mic xD) of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”, “Birth of Hope”. IT WAS AWESOME. I cannot stress that enough. xD It was hilarious, energetic, and great. Now, if only I can get the lyrics and video to that song that he posted unlisted on Youtube…

Well…that’s the end of Part One of my updates on the amazing and crazy fun and awesome life of Tiffany, Christmas-and-Apocalypse-Zombies edition…(ZOMBIES?! Wait what?! …you’ll see ;D )….because I’m tired of typing. 🙂

Cheerios! (You should be honored, this is coming to you from an awesome supreme-superior-being.)


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