[everyday] resolutions.

10 Jan

lose weight (or more specifically, lose fat). eat healthy (steamed veggies every day, no junk food). exercise. run.

be minimally 5 minutes early to everything.

follow (completely! no cheating!) strict skin care regimen.

don’t procrastinate.

blog every day.

finish homework quickly. especially at school, if possible. the world doesn’t reward perfectionists, it rewards people who get things done efficiently. set time limits to not waste time.

go to bed (or get ready for bed) by latest 10. if needed, wake up early to finish homework. sleep lots (especially during week-ends) don’t be distracted by electronics, dramas, etc.

don’t stay up at night past bedtime reading or watching things.

drink many cups of hot tea and hot/warm water and low fat MILK every day. drink healthy smoothies.

take supplements every day.

comb hair more often.

style hair and dress up/accessorize every once in a while.

keep warm, always bring socks and a warm jacket/sweater with hood πŸ™‚ (DON’T GET SICK THIS YEAR!)

keep living spaces clean and organized.

bring lip gloss/chapstick, hand sanitizer, mints/gum, cell phone, comb-mirror everywhere. πŸ™‚

if watching dramas, reading books or manga, learn self-control by either not watching at all on school days, or only watching or reading at most one episode or chapter per day.

don’t waste time. be productive. don’t waste time on social media, etc.

do at least three incredibly productive things a day/get three important long-term things done.

clean glasses more frequently. wear contacts at least once a week.

play piano and guitar for fun and learn songs once in a while.

read constantly and consistently.

read the world news and stay up-to-date.

live a little more, talk a little more, do a little more. do one thing every day that normally i would not do. be more social, outgoing around not only close friends but in class, etc.

attempt a water fast or a self-cleansing diet once in a while. and as always, caloric restriction. eat less meat, starches, fat, and sugar, and more vegetables and lean fish.


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