15 Jan

How to fill the emptiness in a life, when something one thought would always be there just disappears one day, never to return…gone with the subtle wind in a blink. Do you remember? Or do the memories, warmth, touch, and voices fade too, leaving one with only the lingering unfamiliar, cold sensation of emptiness and deja vu? Something disappeared, something lost, forever. Every day, that something is farther away, the memories are distant, empty, or gone. Unfamiliar, a stranger. I believe that everything that leaves takes a piece of you with it, a piece of you that dies or gets lost, or replaced by something empty. Hopes of happiness, love, friendship, or care, all those die along with it. But we cannot forget, no matter how far away the distant memories flow or get swept away or are buried underneath hardened hearts, because the truth is, is it not, during that time, that life was joy, happiness, blessing, love incarnate; life was real, life was lovely and beautiful, life was alive.


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