18 Jan

Your hair like snow, beautifully chilling our parting,

Is there anyone who is moved by the burning of my incense?

I only long to hold and kiss your butterfly incarnation

Our meeting forshadowed by my brush strokes

You smile, the beauty of a flower

But your beauty dissipates like smoke,

To a faraway place I cannot reach.

Even if the annals of history turn to dust,

My love for you will not be extinguished.

I wait, as a perfect shade of blue awaits clear weather,

Who has been made old with my waiting?

Inciting age-old chants and timeless disputes

In our intoxicated sinful mortal world, a drunken era,

I raise, dedicate a glass of wine to you

Under the moonlight, accompanying you

With our cherished memories made clear

And beautiful in the light of the moon.

The moonlight smudges away the remnants of our ending

Leaving only your faint fragrance of your gentle hair

The eon of secrets buried deep in your clear eyes

Fades away with you into the deep midnight-blue abyss.


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