Stuff Christians Like blog by Jon Acuff

18 Jan

So recently I’ve been getting back on reading Jon Acuff’s hilarious Christian satire blog, Stuff Christians Like.

I would write that it is hilarious and amazing and you will be laughing your socks, toes, pants, hats, eyebrows, butts off…whatever that idiom phrase is, I don’t think I can write anything else because 1) I am much more than half dead…I am sure I would be classified as one of the living dead as of now, and 2) I am out of brain cells to think of any more good descriptive adjectives. I think you probably know that from my last description….laughing my toes off? eh. could work.

Toes aren’t that important though. Maybe its like, laughing your rib cage open or something gross like that.

Anyways, I think I am very much dead and zombiefied. Good night.


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