Waiting for the sunrise (original lyrics)

24 Jan

Lost in the darkness

Can’t seem to find the words

To say, to scream

That I need you here in my life

Where have you gone

I have spent too long

In tears and in shadows

Waiting for the sunrise

Waiting to see your face

One last time.


The demons, they surround me

Darkest thoughts and secrets

Engulf me, tearing me apart inside

Where, are you?

I need to see the light

Shine the light on my face

Come and lift this haze

Of dark clouds and thoughts

Quickly! Release me from

My chains.


I know, that the sun will not

Shine again for us,

But I must wake up on my own

Wake myself from this

Comatose self, deep sleep,

This neverending nightmare.

Must stop, I must find my own light

My own sun, my own heart

I will force the skies to open

Can’t take any more of this

Waiting for the sunrise…


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