12 Feb

I get really depressed when I can’t sing. Singing is a way for me to fight off depression and stress and reality, a method to let all of my words and angers out in a huge spiral of loud, belting notes and melodies. The silence is deafening, truly. There’s a difference to choosing not to sing along because the person singing is better and you want to hear them, and an inability to sing along because one’s own voice sounds terrible. It’s sad. I always sing really loud at church, and today I didn’t sing at all. But I realized, in the middle of it, was that maybe I should listen a bit more to other people’s voices. Even if some of them are not that great, I should be able to remember how they sound when they are singing and praising God with their all, or maybe not with their all. But, they are still praising God. And there is definitely some credit to be given in doing that.


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