20 Feb

Mio-chan from 360 Degrees Material manga by Minami Touko

It’s Mio-chan! I started reading this manga called 360 Degrees Material by Minami Touko, and it looks like a normal cliche but kind of sweet and cute shoujo, and there are good reviews, so I’m reading it. Recently I’ve become quite manga-tolerant, because there are so many that are the absolute cliches, so I’ve become used to and immune to them, as long as they have cute art.

So I saw this outfit, and I almost screamed. It’s SO CUTE! AHHH! and I totally mean her hair, mostly. I had to take a screenshot and show you guys, so here it is 😛 I totally am going to draw this pic for you guys, don’t worry. I’ll do it sometime this week, hopefully. Don’t you guys think her hair is so cute? I love it! If I wasn’t so hand-eye-coordination-challenged, I would LOVE to do my hair like that every day. omg.

Haha, I can’t even do BRAIDS. Epic, extreme girl fail.

My life is so sad… I should just buy clip-on braids. (LOLOL. I am pathetic)

I’ll draw it (hopefully) sometime this week and ink it and scan it. Hopefully it shows up well, my scanner is kind of retarded. Haha sorry, scanning is the best I can do now, considering I don’t have a tablet or any art editing programs on my computer (omg what happened to my Photoshop?! alksdjfaklfj gyahhh) so yup. and I draw with pencil, so it’s super light and doesn’t show up. I’ll just ink it over in pen. I hope my favorite pen’s ink will last…:O I seriously need to go buy some more black pens. This is so sad.

(Full-size version) Kyaa!! I loveee her boots. I want ankle boots… :O >_____< She’s so cute! If only we could have the cuteness, figures, and fashion sense of some manga girls. haha. and if only asian guys were as hot and smexy as the heart-melting bishies in shoujo mangas!


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