“What if I told you…~”

20 Feb

Guess what? God is not about “justice” or “fairness”. God is about never-ending, unfathomable love, and inconceivable mercy. We don’t get what we deserve, which is to burn. He gives us more than we could ever ask for, there’s more grace than we could ever deserve.

We are traitors against the king, we should be put to death for treason. But our king is kind and merciful like none other, forgiving and full of grace. Here’s the definition of grace that I’ve always known: “Love that came first”.

It’s not about “fairness”, and we should be extremely glad it isn’t. It’s not about “an eye for an eye”. It’s about forgiveness, love, compassion, and mercy; about healing and comfort for the weak, weary, and sick. It’s all about grace. And thank goodness, because we get more than we could ever ask for.

So take the deal and run with it, it’s the most “unfair” deal in the whole universe! People who should die and burn getting sent to Heaven and being called sons and daughters of the most-high God? And yet, it’s the best deal — for you.

So don’t take his grace, his mercy, his forgiveness, and then go out and not forgive other people. Using Him as a model, we’re supposed to be as “unfair”, loving, and merciful as He is. We should be kind to the people who wrong us, not constantly demanding “justice”, revenge, and retribution for a bad or wrong action. Don’t people deserve second chances? If God forgives him, why can’t you?


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