20 Feb

I feel so depressed when I can’t sing at home or when I’m listening to good songs on the radio, but at church everything is better, because even though I can’t sing, I can at least be singing as loud as I can in my heart and mind praising God, because I know that He will hear my voice. Also, it’s just a great feeling to hear the entire sanctuary filled with everyone singing loudly to God, praising, worshiping, and giving thanks to Him. It’s really touching, actually, to watch people connecting with God. Even though I don’t know what’s going on in your life, I’m sure there are some words in those songs that you really mean and really mean a lot to you.

It’s really great to just listen for a while, because sometimes when I sing I can get carried away with the words and how I look or sound in this world, shallow things like showing off my voice or giving weird looks to the girl next to me who is singing off-tune. When I don’t sing aloud, it’s like I give my words directly to God, and he personally receives them and can hear them, without any earthly distractions, my voice. It’s the same for me, I can praise him without any distractions. It’s like, a prayer.

Everything is great when you can just stop and listen


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