20 Feb

Reading this almost made me cry.

It also made me wonder (after getting over the sad part of it), do we still write anymore? (The same can be said with letter-writing, versus texting, emailing, calling, etc.) To convey feelings, thoughts, important people-bonding words, or keep memories?

The world is missing an essential part of itself, it’s forgetting how beautiful writing can be.

Today I went to San Francisco, and my dad said something that really struck a chord with me. He said, looking at the kid on the next seat who was playing on his iTouch and talking on his phone, that riding public transit isn’t the same anymore. People used to actually talk to each other on buses, people who they didn’t even know. They used to read books, but now all they do is play on iPads and iTouches and talk on the phone or go on their laptops or listen to music with earphones in their ears. He even jokingly said that he and the guys used to ride the buses, see a pretty girl, and sit next to her and try to pick her up.

But the point I’m making isn’t for you to try to polish up your pick-up lines (on the contrary, please don’t! For all our sakes.), but to ask yourself if you do any of this. Do you feel bad or regretful about it? Do you think we need to change as a nation and seriously think of all the important daily activities we lose out on, while being consumed by our impersonal technology?


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  1. yellowjac February 22, 2012 at 12:37 am #

    Wow this hurt’s, We all need to look into the eyes of our followers and see what they are like, this will make everyone step back and wonder for sure. Thank You for posting it. Will

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