21 Feb

How much I subconsciously try to fit in disgusts me. Sometimes I have done something for so long, I have to think back really far and wonder for a long time if that’s what I normally do or am or say, or if it’s just because I was trying to fit or blend in with someone else or the crowd. You kind of just forget who you originally were after awhile. I respect and envy those people who are able to stay true to themselves, unique and unadulterated, with the refreshing personality of someone who is different from those people who hide and change themselves to fit into the world…those people I know who stay the same, with their impeccable values, morality, and humanity.


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  1. yellowjac February 22, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    Don’t Try to fit in anywhere, Just be yourself. Your You! Not everyone else.

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