actually really totally seriously excited to death about my novel.

24 Feb

Becauseeeeeeeeeeeee I actually started writing it 😛 i have a few pages right now, but some are iffy.

hehe. even though I don’t have the entire plot thought out, it’s okay. I’ll think of stuff as I go along. See, the problem with this in the past was that I always tried to think out the entire plot and story map before I could write, and I’d always get super frustrated because I couldn’t think it all out perfectly, and there was always something annoying and cliche about it. It’s better to just think of something basic and start writing it, and then once I figure out where I wanna go with it, go back and edit some parts later. At least this way, I can actually start writing.

The girl is reallyy not someone a person who knows me would think I would make a main character. But she’s really boss. In human terms. hahahaha, yes, it’s a modern fantasy story. I’m not really sure how I should make the creatures… I started thinking about it, but every race is somehow a descendant or hybrid of either: 1) Angels, 2) Fair folk/Faeries, 3) Demons,  4) Humans. Those are the basic original species.

I’m still trying to figure out where elves fit into the equation. Maybe they’re also a race of faerie (cuz elves and faeries are both fair folk) that branched out. I’m thinking that there be four types of fairies, 1 that is unSeelie and 3 that are Seelie. (Good and bad faeries…) But when I write it out it turns out to be SUPER complicated.

sigh…. it’s so complicatedddd!! gah.

Haha, there’s just something about typing in Times New Roman that makes me happy. Because it feels like I’m actually writing a novel… xD even though when I first type something, I always do it in Ariel so it’s easier to read and see the words, also it’s fatter so it makes me feel like I wrote more. HAHA, and then I always switch the completed paragraph to Times New Roman to make it “official” 😛 even though it makes my writing look shorter, but that’s okay. haha, i’m so weird. does anyone else do that? xD


2 Responses to “actually really totally seriously excited to death about my novel.”

  1. Will February 25, 2012 at 2:49 am #

    Try Verdana 12 Point, It will change to Times when uploading it.
    That’s what i find works better writing a story no harsh back letter’s.
    How about Pixie’s little Fairy’s Good Luck..Will

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