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30 Mar

Make your choice, adventurous Stranger;

Strike the bell and bide the danger,

Or wonder, till it drives you mad,

What would have followed if you had.

-C. S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew

Yesterday, Today, Forever.

26 Mar

Yesterday is in the past. Today you have a choice. Forever is up to you.

Yesterday, I went to YTF (Nigahiga/Ryan Higa, Chester See, JRA, D-Trix/Dominic Sandoval, Andrew Garcia, KevJumba/Kevin Wu, Victor King)’s concert in San Jose at the Center of Performing Arts. Needless to say, it was absolutely amazing and hilarious.

I went with two of my friends, Allison and Jeanelle, my “sisters from another mister” (oh god that sounds gross HAHA), to the concert.

It was so much fun! The entire show was being filmed to go on a reality show that isn’t supposed to be announced yet. Omg, so excited, haha. We were on the 20th Row, seat 1, 2, and 3 which were in the middle of the row. I had bought our seats the day of the concert, and they were pretty good! We could see everything very clearly. I also saw Sandy and other girl from our school there. No one was even sitting behind us (everyone else was on the balcony seats) so we could stand on our chairs and dance and scream and the video camera would get us lol. Jeanelle lifted me up and I’m pretty sure the camera got me. xD So I’m pretty excited.

What sucks was the show started practically an hour later and YTF didn’t show up until past 8. Before that, though, there were guest dance crews, including the “Good Fellas”, they’re a group that won the previous season of America’s Best Dance Crew. I still much preferred ISA’s I.aM.mE crew, they were amazing. Too bad Chachi wasn’t there, I really wanted to see her. I also really wanted to get a shirt. :O Oh well. Another thing was that Kevin Wu/KevJumba wasn’t there! He wasn’t able to make it D: sooo sad. It would have been so much funnier to listen to him and Ryan host! Instead, Ryan was hosting alone, and it wasn’t that funny. It’s okay though since everyone in YTF is funny. But seriously, B.E.S.T. (Bumblebee Extreme Step Team) Crew and Nice Guys  just weren’t right without him. Ryan had to do his rap along with his own. They sang Nice Guys at the end, and everyone in YTF had their own choreography. It was amazing. I recorded everything 🙂 without screaming this time, because I lost my voice. Chester sang Bromance with Ryan. That was hilarious. Everything was okay, because at the end I got to hug Andrew Garcia in the rain more than 5 times.

J. R. Aquino was an amazing singer (semi-finalist on American Idol) and he sang “By Chance” and Allison and I sang along to the entire song. Jeanelle didn’t like it before, now she likes it more. 🙂 It’s such an adorable, cute, lovey-dovey song! 😀

Chester sang “God Damn, You’re Beautiful” which was my favorite original song of his. He played the piano along with it. He’s sooo hot, and his smile is killer, and I glove him. (That’s a joke.)

D-trix was an amazing dancer, he was a finalist of So You Think You Can Dance and champion in Quest Crew, along with Victor King, in America’s Best Dance Crew, and he’s been a judge on the ABDC show for a long time. He taught JRA how to dance, and they did an amazing choreography together. 🙂 He also danced a lot. And of course, Ryan (Rave from B.E.S.T. crew) came out and challenged him in dancing. Too bad he didn’t have his partner, Pong (KevJumba). LOL.

Bromance was hilarious and Nice Guys was amazing.

Andrew Garcia was awesome (he was also a semi-finalist on American Idol) and he’s HILARIOUS too. He played guitar and sang Crazy (an original), a cover of Justin Beiber’s Somebody to Love, and an untitled, never before released, and un-recorded song he made.

Victor King was AMAZING. I think I liked his show the most out of them all. He came out dressed all spiffed up, with a dress shirt, suit, and bow-tie, but only after he started dancing did I notice he was wearing dark jeans with chains. He kept posing and drinking his signature finger mug. Lol. He is a singer and part of Quest Crew that finaled on ABDC. He sang one of Frank Sinatra’s songs, with an overload of style, sophistication, and class. He’s such a ladies man, seriously. But I love him. He has like, a crazy storage of non-stupid, heart-melting pickup lines in his head. His songs are like, amazing. I’m soooo jealous of the girl he called up to sing to her. All of his songs are smooth love songs. He sang and dance, but seriously how can one break dance and still look completely classy? My god. ❤ I love him and Chester the most.

I got a YTF t-shirt, a red wristband, and a poster. 😉 And multiple hugs from Andrew. ❤ He’s like a teddy bear! ahhhh<3

Also, OMG. Freak-out time. NIGAHIGA was at the mall yesterday. OUR MALL. OAKRIDGE MALL!! OMGGGG AHHHHHHHHHH WHY DIDN’T I SEE HIM?! OMGGG T________T Nevermind about the rest of them I still love Nigahiga the most.



23 Mar

What are we attempting to requite in chipping and burning away the life of the world?

What has she not humbly given up to us, her guest and master, without any doubts of exploitation or malignity, in sweet supplication?

She is saving up innumerable treasures and bountiful resources; yes, for our use, but for the furthering of our own life, the sustenance of all life, in the future.

Yet what life that has existed, have we not sucked the life out of?

We owe her silence, we owe her thanks, we owe her care. We owe her children repose and nourishment, not slavery or labor or an imminent, promised death. We owe her children the silent, humble, thankful remembrance of a memorial service.

We owe her love and rest and peace and gratefulness.

I long for yesterday.

23 Mar

I long for the language of yesterday.

I long for the life, the smells, the genuine smiles, the austere beauty.

I long for the world of yesterday.

I grieve for the humanity that has been lost during those lost yesterday’s.


23 Mar

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.

23 Mar

I want to see the sky, the universe on fire. I want to see the sparks fly and the people shine.

23 Mar

Midnight. Tonight.

Let the Games begin.