1 Mar

A sudden yearning for snow and rain and cherry blossoms…

At least two of those are fulfilled. I want to dance and sing in the rain though. (Gosh, I really want to see that movie though, both Singing in the Rain and The Artist. They look AMAZING. I need to watch lots of old black and white movies and classics…especially ones with Audrey Hepburn like Breakfast at Tiffany’s! And I want to see Gone with the Wind and some of Hitchcock’s movies.) Haha, dancing and singing in the cherry blossom rain? That should be the name of this blog! 😛

I’ve never been anywhere it was snowing though…it’s kind of sad. I’ve never seen a snowflake in my life! And I’ve only gone to the snow (Tahoe and Reno, for skiing) twice in my life.

It’s hailed a few times, two years ago in 8th grade, if that counts. But it was only for like, 5 minutes each and each hailstone — “pebble” would probably be a better name for it, was only the size of a Bebe/Air-soft gun pellet. Kind of…flaky and pathetic. They dissolved as soon as they hit the ground! But I was so excited to finally see and experience the “crashing down/downpour of hailstones from heaven”! It was definitely a sign from god. What a big, important milestone of my teenage life.

But I am the worst person to deal with snow — I can’t tolerate coldness. I’m like, coldness-intolerant. So I guess it’s perfect that I live here. Actually, it’s too cold for my taste. >_______< Gosh, I should like, live in Taiwan, or Africa, or even better, the Sahara Desert. I’m obviously cold-blooded. Maybe that explains my morbidity.

I live in a relatively mild, warm place — perfect Californian-Mediterranean climate. But I still wear like 5 layers and feel like I’m freezing to death every morning and night.

I would seriously die if I ever spent like, a winter in New York or Europe or Hokkaido, Japan.

Where do you guys live? Does it snow there?

Haha, I think it snowed here in San Jose the year I was born, in 1996. Oh wait, maybe once more when I was four, in 2000, but that could just be an urban legend.

You know, I’m sure there are legends associated with snowing in San Jose. I should look them up.


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