Hear the whispers of the ashes.

1 Mar

Have you heard the whispers of the ashes?

The whispers of things that once were,

Yet of things long-forgotten?

Of things betrayed and left for desolation,

Those built up but burned down,

Those who fell and were broken.

Can you hear their silent cries,

Their pleas in desperation

Begging the living to not forget,

For forgetting is what we do best.

They once were strong and great,

Those ashes, they once were

Much-relied upon.

Do you remember the cheering,

And the sound of their voices above the crowd?

They stood upon a solid foundation,

A great pedestal, throne, or podium…

Where are they now, do you ever wonder?

What have they become,

Those who we built our lives upon and around,

Those who were strong and unshakeable,

Like a firm and towering mountain.

Have you heard their voice in the ashes?


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