Life is beautiful.

2 Mar

There’s nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home.

Sometimes it takes a funeral to make you feel alive,

To show you that,

Life is beautiful.

Promise me,

Swear on your life that no one will cry at my funeral.

Sometimes to remember that we can breathe

We have to choke.

Drown and fill your lungs with water,

We’ve got to have that feeling of

Desperately gasping for air,

It’s a struggle for life, a struggle to live,

A battle to keep breathing.

Remember that blood flows in our veins,

When we bleed a little.

Nightmares and dreams, visions that come to us in sleep,

Show us the life that we cannot see,

That Life is beautiful.

They say live every day as if it were your last,

Well, what would you do if it really was?

There’s nothing like a funeral to make you cherish life.

Just open your eyes,

Just open your eyes,

Look around and see that

Life is beautiful.

Sometimes it takes heartbreak to remind us that

We still have a heart,

And we can love again.

Spiritual, Emotional, Physical…

The pain reminds us we are still alive.

Open your eyes,

Look into my eyes,

And hold me close to hear your heart still beating

So I can see and feel that you are

Still human, still alive!

To learn how to live,

We have to die a little.

Must learn to lose and let go

To acquire and retain.

Forget a little, to remember your past mistakes.

Fear and danger keep us on our feet,

We look in the face of death

To learn how to live.

Nothing like spilled young blood

To show that life is worth living.

Emptiness in life,

Fullness shown through death,

All it took was a funeral to show me that

Life is beautiful.

Hold your knife in your hand and never regret,

The sharp blade may be soaked in blood

But it is still delicate and beautiful.

Hold me just a bit longer, tightly,

So I don’t feel like I will disappear from this place

Whisper softly in my ear so I can

Still feel your presence,

So I won’t ever forget the sound of your voice.

Sing me a song so I can say that even in death, life is beautiful.

Will you swear on your life,

That no one will cry

At my funeral?


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