Support an artist friend!

3 Mar

Hey guys!!

My friend, Sheila Chen, who’s older than me by like, what, 6 years…ish?? She’s a great upcoming artist, check out her artwork and website! 🙂

She’s really amazing at drawing and painting, and it’s really inspirational for me to see her art. Makes me want to paint too!

If you love giraffes, cute grumpy alligators, and elephants, you’ll love her paintings. I wish she posted more on her etsy though, because she has a ton of other amazing paintings, like on her Facebook and website.

Here are some of her paintings:

by Sheila Chen

Giraffe with a Pearl Earring

By Sheila Chen

Teatime (Best Friends: Grumpy Alligator & Nice, Sweet, Nerdy Bookworm Giraffe!!! :D)

By Sheila Chen

This is her website, be sure to check it out! It includes her school art stuff too, so there’s a lot more amazing art there. 🙂




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