6 Mar

Lord, give me the strength to be a doormat for people.

That may sound like a stupid and foolish thing to say, but isn’t that what serving people is about? What Christianity is about?

Jesus didn’t fight back when people nailed him to the cross or wanted to stone him countless times.

We are given the power to do what he did. We can serve and be okay with being stepped on or taken advantage of or betrayed because we know that he went through it all first. We are not asked to do anything our God didn’t do.

Christianity is about serving others, loving others, staying faithful to others when they are not to you. Pray about people who speak badly of you or reject Christianity, attempt to reconcile and forgive “enemies”… When we serve, we don’t think that person is better than us, but that they are worth more than ourselves, so we must serve them for God.


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