Tongues, masochism, speech, eyes, eyeballs, pictionary, DI, and morbidness. How could life get better than this?

6 Mar

I have a really long, painful cut on the top of my tongue that stretches about two centimeters wide. And another little on at the very tip of my tongue.

Most of the pain is self-inflicted, though. It’s too tempting to chew on my poor tongue-wound so even though I tell myself not to, I always end up biting it. And then my tongue hurts. Oh, I am such a masochist.

Also, eyeballs.

I have suddenly gotten used to using the word eyeballs regularly in my normal jargon. Especially in place of eyes. I can’t even say “eyes” anymore. “Eyeballs” always comes out first.

My friend Jeanelle says it’s my natural, innate morbid nature.

It was hilarious though, when we were at Washington High School for the League 3 Speech tournament, (Jeanelle and I were entered in Duo) when we were done with round three and waiting for the awards ceremony, we (me and my awesome chumchi-minions) started playing telephone pictionary. Karissa didn’t know how to play, so I was teaching her on one side, while on the other, Jeanelle was teaching Allison. Except the difference was that for the example, I used “eyeball” while Jeanelle used “apple”. See the difference? Jeanelle then went on to add that to her case as to how I was the most innately, subconsciously morbid person in the entire world.

And, of course, as usual, everyone agreed with her.

I think they’re all just jealous of my overactive and extremely vivid imagination and my strong connections to the dark side. 😉

Anyone want me to write them a morbid poem about evil pickles and mushrooms and eyeballs?


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