Cliches that always get on my nerves.

10 Mar

It always gets on my nerves that there always has to be this change or plot twist where one guy or girl is about to leave (forever! dundundun), and the one who’s left behind realizes that they can’t lose them, and practically, acting on spontaneous emotions alone, goes and forgets about everything and everyone else in their life just to get them back.

Why does it have to be like that?! Seriously, it’s disturbing. I get it that the person now realizes s/he loves the other person now, but to do everything so desperately and clingily to get the one s/he loves back? idk about that. It’s irresponsible and so spontaneous. Only kids would do that. Or even, to more extreme measures, the other person has already left and s/he does something crazy, like just randomly book a flight at a moment’s notice and hop on a plane to go talk to that person.


Really, really annoying.


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