my thoughts on Kony2012/StopKony campaign

10 Mar

I think it’s great that people are spreading word (and videos) about this and garnering much support from people who would otherwise not even have heard of Kony or even about child soldiers in Africa and the horrible atrocities they have to commit, just to survive.

However, there are way too many people supporting this because of bad reasons. They don’t even know what exactly is going on, or the history behind all of this, and they are spreading and supporting this campaign just because it’s popular in the media, they look good supporting it and it looks like they’re good people rallying behind a good cause, or they think it’s horrible that something like child soldiers and Joseph Kony should exist.

Don’t get me wrong, Joseph Kony is a horrible, terrible criminal who deserves to be punished and put to death for his actions, and I wholeheartedly support Invisible Children (I am in the club at my high school right now, and was in it in middle school also), it’s a great organization.

But they don’t know what they are supporting. They hear about this now, and they rally behind it, but what about all those other humanitarian organizations there that help out the starving kids in Africa? They are in just as much need of our help, and the people here actually know about it. There shouldn’t be much a difference between child soldiers, starving people, human trafficking, people with no clean water or medication, girls in China who get sold on the black market or drowned, and Middle Eastern woman/children who are beaten or forced into prostitution just to survive.

The children who are forced to join Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army do what they have to to survive, be it killing their family, villagers, or setting fire to the villagers, and plundering other villages. They learn to live, to adapt, to survive. That is their life. They have all become brainwashed by Kony — at first, killing one’s family may be horrible and terrifying and traumatizing, but later, the ones that live learn to survive and do what they have to to live.

I’m sure many of the kids in his army are just like him and support him. Though their hands are covered with blood, they think there is nothing wrong, they think they’re doing the right thing.

The problem with this is that Kony has been kidnapping and exploiting children into his army for over two decades. We have not stopped him before, why? Why did we let it grow to this point? I did not even know who Kony was or that he was alive until I saw this campaign. 4 or 5 years ago, during my first time doing 30 Hour Famine with World Vision (an amazing organization, btw) I saw a video that showed children in Africa being kidnapped, captured, forced to kill their own family, and join an army of child soldiers. I just didn’t know who it was who was their leader. I thought he might have died by then.

The US government has always known about Kony, yet they have never deployed troops or done anything against him or to stop him, because 1) his army is that of children. If we attack, there will be casualties. Which is exactly what we most want to avoid. 2) If we get rid of Kony, what good will that do us, or even the children in his army? Don’t you think, after perhaps, a few years, or even 25 years of being in his ar,my (assuming there are kids still alive from his original collection of army kids) will not leave the kids brainwashed? Don’t you think that someone else, perhaps, even just one of the kids or members of his army, won’t just step up and take his place and perhaps even be worse than Kony?


One Response to “my thoughts on Kony2012/StopKony campaign”

  1. yellowjac March 11, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    How right you are, this has been going on a long time.. Maybe a Few should watch the Movie SOLDIER with Kurt Russell. sci-fi or is it more of whats really out there today.

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