desert rain. (poem loosely based off of Edward Maya/Vika Jikulina’s song by the same name)

17 Mar

You are the desert rain,

A love, a connection that has been long forgotten

You come to me in my dreams,

A lingering touch that fades like the sand in the wind

Why are you so quickly lost?

Just like me, lost and blown away

Like sand in the desert.

Come, come to me

Let me hold you tight

Let me never let you go

You are like sand in a sieve,

Even if I hold you tight and pray,

You still slip away from me.

But I will always find you in my dreams,

As this desert thirsts and dreams for rain

I long for you, for your touch,

You make me complete.

I have spent 40 days and 40 nights

A world without time or glory

Lost in this wilderness

Suffering and pain I have lived,

Long forgotten the rest of the world

And forgotten by the rest of the world.

But you, your voice calls to me,

In my dreams, from faraway

Every night, I long to hear your voice…

The wispy whisperings of the sand and wind,

Remind me of how much I miss you.

You are my desert rain,

My only hope and my whole life,

You comfort and calm me,

As the rain calms the sandstorm.

You will always have my soul,

Hidden dreams and secret words,

Hidden deep within my heart,

The rain hidden by the desert.

I feel so miniscule, lost like sand that’s blown away

Blown back into the storm,

But in the desert, everything is real,

And you are are real in my dreams.

I long and thirst for you, you comfort me…

Lost inside the desert, my heart cries out

Come, I say, come tonight

Come to me like the desert rain

In a dream, like the desert rain.


Romanians really do make the best dance music. It sounds so…echo-y and the music and lyrics, even though there aren’t many lyrics, resonate with your soul. There’s so much meaning. I think it’s pretty incredibly how Edward Maya combines his traditional Romanian instruments with current music to make something unique and amazing.


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